Month: June 2017

Say Yaaaas To: Inner Peace

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Inner peace sounds so…Kumbaya-y. What exactly goes through your mind when you hear it? Maybe you picture an advanced yogi (who sips green tea and eats organically grown whatever the f*ck) sitting stoically atop a mountain, completely unmoved by the world around them. Perhaps the actual lyrics to Kumbaya play in your head continuously until you have to drown them out with trap music. To be honest, I never really gave the idea much thought until I had none. Like, I literally had no peace in my life at all. So yeah, after that I felt like it’d be pretty awesome to have some and not go off the deep end and into the abyss. I’m still learning how to make these things an everyday habit. Because once you acknowledge the need for more peace, or peace period, in your life everything isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But it does get better, and that’s what’s important.

So what steps did I take to achieve the peace that I so desperately needed? Well first, I made the conscious declaration that no one and nothing is worth my peace. I was getting so frustrated and upset because, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was choosing the situations and relations with those around me over my own peaceful state. I felt obligated to put these things before myself and I was drowning in the mess it created. It was exhausting to deal with and so much of my energy was devoted to it, so I never got a chance to do the things I needed to do. Updating my blog, practicing my writing, working on my business ventures, meditating, getting the proper amount of sleep; all of these things suffered because I couldn’t get this sh*t together. “No more, dammit!” is what I told myself.

Next, I stopped trying to change the people around me. People are control freaks, and if you say you aren’t one you’re a liar. It’s in our human nature to control things, and that doesn’t mean we’re horrible people. I guess that’s a survival tactic of sorts, whatever the case is we don’t suck because of it. A lot of the time our control freak ways come from a good place, like with my parents. To me, at times, it seems they’re nagging and complaining is completely self-serving and annoying as hell. And it absolutely may be at times because they’re human, but it comes from a really good place. They love me and they want me to do well, better than they did, and I get that. It may not always come out the best way but I get it. Well now I do.

Before I’d get so mad and frustrated without that understanding and it’d completely ruin my mood, sometimes my whole day. And it still kinda comes off the same way at times, but how I’ve learned to deal with it has changed dramatically. Now I’m just like, “Whatever”. Which seems so dismissive but, well, whatever. My parents will feel how they feel regardless of what I decide to do. They take their stance because they’ve seen me at multiple stages in my life and, to them, I’m still a baby. Today I turned 29 and I’m still a kid to them, I will always be because I’m their baby. I’ll always be inexperienced, or immature, or whatever but does that mean I don’t know how to make the proper life choices? NAH! So why get upset and bent out of shape about it? They’ll feel how they feel, I’ll react to it , and my problems will still be there. So why not take that energy I’ll have expressing those extreme emotions and put it towards actually fixing my problems?

Next came this important thought: “Worry about yo’self!” I saw a four year old tell her dad that in a Facebook video while he was trying to help her buckle herself in her car seat. Out of the mouths of babes! Worry about yourself and your own sh*t! Not your brother’s, or your boyfriend’s, or you coworker’s, or whoever. Yours! You are the only person who is going to take care of your business, because that’s your responsibility and no one else’s. Plus people have their own issues they need to deal with. I had to stop trying to be a savior to those around me while I sank in my own problems like a boulder in quicksand. I’d feel so bad about thinking about me and only me, but I shouldn’t have. Worrying about you and your’s and how you’re going to attack your problems doesn’t make you selfish; that makes you a responsible adult. And you should never allow yourself or anyone else to make feel guilty about that. Acknowledging this took so much stress off of me, it was amazing!

Also, if I can be absolutely frank with you guys, I stopped giving a f*ck about dumb sh*t. Who said this, how that person feels about when I did blah blah blah, what people will think about whatever the hell. Dumb sh*t. How is any of that serving me in positive way? How is this enriching my experience on this planet? If it ain’t then it gets the heave-ho, no questions asked. Like even how I’m writing this I’m thinking about how some people I know will feel about my verbage. Should I speak in a more censored and politically correct manner? Should I write this like a term paper? Or should I just say how the hell I feel and roll with it? What I chose to do is pretty clear, but I had to stop giving so much pointless sh*t space in my thoughts. Things are much, much better now.

Celebrating my accomplishments was another step I took towards achieving this blessed peace I absolutely needed. Like that one Nationwide commercial said, life comes at you fast. And when it does, in the absurdly overwhelming fashion we’ve grown accustomed to, it’s difficult to get excited about what’s going right. I just moved back home to Georgia with my parents, again. I’m trying to save money, again. And get a car, again. And not explode from frustration…again. I’m literally starting over from scratch, step one. AGAIN. I’m back in the same situation which is, I guess, a bit different from starting over. When you begin something new it’s fresh and untouched, but getting back up after a particularly bad fall isn’t as exciting. It kinda sucks because the sting of disappointment is still very present, and your ego is still bruised. But you have to pull it together and move forward.

Yes I’m back home but I have a better job. And I have the opportunity to save a ton of money, which is such a huge plus. I’m not so bogged down with all the obligations of being on my own, which is a blessing. I get to gather all my responsibilities and deal with them while I prepare to go back out into the minefield that is adulthood. Yeah, I’m here for all that. I learned a lot being away from my family and out on my own, that’s helped me make better life decisions. That’s a lot to celebrate about dammit! I’m adulting and at a optimum level, without the unnecessary presence of that awful depressing film that covers you while you’re doing it. Blessings on blessings on blessings, y’all.

The peace of mind I’ve acquired from doing these things has been phenomenal. My mood is better, my creative juices are flowing freely, I sleep better, I have more energy,, my edges are robust and plentiful, my skin is giving me all types of bronze goddess yaaaaaas-ness. Having inner peace has been a real slice, and I’d slice your face clean off if you tried to interfere with that. I’m prepared to protect my peace at all costs. I wouldn’t actually mutilate someone, but I’d sure snatch a wig or two for it. My energy is so important and I’ve make the clear choice to give it only to things that are in my best interest. Taking that a step further, I’m very careful about who’s energy I allow into my space. That’s just as important as being responsible for my own. When someone is operating from a negative space they aren’t able take ownership of that negativity, and it’s up to you to protect your space. Whatever it takes, as long as it’s within reason.

I feel…f*cking fantastic! And I’m glad I’ve had the presence of mind to take back control of my life. My mental and emotional state is at an all time high and that’s manifesting itself into my physical space. So now I’m in a much better position to do thing things that I need and want to do. Sh*t’s amazing, you should absolutely try it. Seriously. Do it and tell me about it, I want to hear how you guys are flourishing. So email me, my contact info is on my About Me page (click on the hyperlink that says QueenMing under my picture and it’s at the bottom of the page). Well I’m about to go enjoy the last little snippet of my birthday, and actually be present during this call I’m on with my best friend (she’s describing her #BlackGirlAngst about Girls). So I’m going to go do that. Until next time my Beautiful Black Queens!


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