16 Lines Of Perfection

The right man for you will want all of you, and he won’t want you any other way than how you are at this very moment. You won’t have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, or hold anything back—you’ll be enough, and never too much. Your strong personality, dorky laugh, and insane love of anchovies will all be quirks that he finds irresistible. Before I met my boyfriend I thought I had to always “be on my best behavior” every time I met a guy. I didn’t want my weird quirks and opinions to scare him off, so I’d only show shadows of my true personality. That, my dear, is total bullsh…crap!

Literally five days before I met my boyfriend I went on a date with another guy, it was a really great date but I just wasn’t into him. When I was with him I wasn’t being myself, I mean I was but not really. After the date I decided to just chill out by myself for a while, dating was just becoming exhausting. Five days later I met the man of my dreams, and it only took me two days to decide that he was the one for me. I’ve been able to be myself and completely honest with him from the beginning. I haven’t held back my thoughts or ideas ever, in fact, he always can tell when I am and he encourages me to tell him how I feel—even if its something he may not want to hear or disagrees with. And I’m not afraid to disagree with him, that’s a big one for me. I used to avoid conflict in past relationships so I wouldn’t make waves because I thought a disagreement would turn into a fight, and we’d break up (either he’d leave me or I’d leave him).

We had our first really big disagreement the other day, and it was over something so insignificant. There was yelling, over-talking, and a little profanity peppered in for pizzazz; he couldn’t see my point and I could see his but I continued to disagree with him. I stormed out of his apartment and sat on the stairs for a while, I was really upset; not by the argument itself but by the way he was speaking to me. The same man that made my heart melt with every kiss he planted on my forehead was now the same man that I now wanted to punch (well not really punch, it’d be more of a “hey you’re being a complete jerk” love tap). I thought about leaving and going home, but something rose up from inside of me and said, “Oh no ma’am! You two are going to work this out, now get in there and fix it!” And we did which, again, was huge.

I’m loud, bratty, and a total control freak. I nag him about his health, fuss when he leaves the toilet seat up (there have been so many times where I’ve gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night and literally fell inside of the toilet), and leave my wigs laying around when I get dressed even though I know it freaks him out (totally unintentional). I pout when I don’t get my way and look like the crypt keeper when I wake up in the morning. And he still loves me, exactly how I am. I’m a handful, I know I am, and he still puts up with me. The man of your dreams, your knight in shining armor, will accept you completely—flaws and all. When you find him, everything will make sense and it’ll be perfect. And if you haven’t found him yet don’t worry, he’s probably just stuck in traffic.

Stay beautiful my loves ❤


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