Africa the Beautiful

I have a lot of favorites when it comes to prints. Florals, stripes, and polka dots are some of my go-tos; but they pale in comparison to my love for African prints. The bright colors and intricate designs easily make them crowd favorites, but these designs go much deeper than mere adornment. These prints convey messages about historical and cultural landmarks, philosophical concepts and thoughts, as well as religious and moral values of society. The tradition of making these gorgeous pieces are passed down from father to son and from uncle to nephew, as well as from mother to daughter and aunt to niece.

The colors used in these beautiful motifs are just as important as the patters; the meanings and spirituality in their cloths are something the African people take very seriously.Gold, an extremely popular color, represents wealth and fertility. Red represents tension in the spiritual or political world and is viewed as the color of blood or death. Blue signifies love and peace, the sky, and is a harmonious color. Green represents prosperity and life, its also a medicinal color. And white is used to signify spirituality and purity. As you can see choosing an African garment to wear goes much deeper than finding a style that flatters you. This form of dress is very dear to the African people and shouldn’t simply be looked at as just a fashion trend. Here are several ladies that wear the style very well (its very hard to pick a favorite!):

Yaya Dacosta

                               YAYA DECOSTA

Zoe Saldana

                         ZOE SALDANA

India Arie


Solange Knowles

                            SOLANGE KNOWLES

Angelique Kidjo

                        ANGELIQUE KIDJO

Keri Hilson

                        KERI HILSON

Thandie Newton

                         THANDIE NEWTON

Stay beautiful my loves ❤


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