Makeup Faux Pas You’re Probably Committing: Part One

There are times when I’ve looked at old Facebook pictures and and thought, “What the hell was I thinking?” I have tons of old photos where I’ve showcased how not to properly apply makeup. Among the losers are: horrible attempts to fill sparse brows, raccoon-chic eyeliner, and lip gloss applications that pop just a little too much. Below is the first installment of makeup faux pas we’ve all committed at least once in life, and (hopefully) have ditched. And if there are some you may still be doing without realizing it, keep calm because I’ve included some easy tips for fixing them.

wrong foundation

1. Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation

We’ve all done this, I certainly know I have. This usually happens more frequently when you’re trying to find the right shade of drugstore foundation. Those swatches on the shelf are so helpful. Yeah, no!

Fix: Choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light and look in the mirror. Use your own judgement to see which one looks most natural.

dry skin

2. Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Applying foundation to dry skin is an absolute no-no! Doing so only accentuates flakiness, and those dead skin cells left behind will sit on top of your face instead of blending in.

Fix: Exfoliate once a week, then apply a rich moisturizer afterwards.

wrong blush

3. Wearing the Wrong Shade of Blush

Blushes should compliment your natural blush tone, not make you look like an embarrassed cartoon character. And your nickname may be “China doll”, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

Tip: If you’re wearing a bolder lip, make sure you pair it with a subtler blush. I guess Ms. Aguilera didn’t get the memo.

over bronze

4. Applying Too Much Bronzer

Over-liberal bronzer application has to be one of the biggest makeup blunders MUAs everywhere complain about. Your bronzer is supposed to give you a natural, healthy glow, not make you look like a bronze metal.

Fix: Don’t apply it all over your face. The only areas you should be focused on are your forehead, temples, and nose. And don’t forget to apply some to your neck as well.


5. Not Cleaning Your Brushes

Skipping out on cleaning your brushes not only keeps your makeup from looking fresh, but it can also cause break outs.

Tip: Wash them with a mild shampoo or instant brush cleaner, and replace your sponges regularly.


6. Not Switching Makeup Seasonally

Have you ever noticed that your makeup always seem to run from time to time? This usually happens during the warmer months and right now, since it’s cold as bricks outside, it may not seem like such a big deal. *flips winter the bird* And while the weather may be terribly unforgiving, this next tip is pretty handy when we get ready to transition into Spring.

Tip: Switch formulas during the Spring and Summer to waterproof pencils and mascaras, as well as cream shadows to stop your makeup from smudging or running. You worked so hard on it, it’d be such a shame for it to melt away.

Hopefully you’ve seen the error of your ways and are taking the necessary steps to correcting what you’re doing wrong. Reading over many of these tips have definitely set me straight, and i vow never to commit these blunders ever again. I hope this helped you guys, and be sure to stay tuned for part two! 🙂

Stay beautiful my loves ❤



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