The Yogi Diaries: Namaste

You guys, I’m fresh off a yoga high and it feels great! One of my New Years resolutions was to get back in shape (yeah, I know everyone says that). I was so excited about the new year, and I felt like this year is going to be big for many reasons. I had this plan that included getting back to my slim, yet still curvy physique. You know, beach babe ready. But then life was like “Yeah right, girl!”. Typical.

I’ve been struggling to get motivated about exercising, and it’s been having me feel pretty blah. But one Monday night all that changed. So there’s this guy I’m seeing (cue goofy smile) and he’s really into fitness. On his “lazy days” he does mini videos on YouTube and still manages to get a great workout. Did I mention he also has the body of a Greek god? *sigh* He knows I’m really wanting to get back in shape, and he’s always picking my brain to see what’s been stopping me from doing it. So that night, as I’m watching Ohio State and Oregon battle it out in the College Football Championship, he asked me to do one simple thing. Stretch. So I did and it felt amazing! I suddenly had a strange urge to do push-ups. A fire had been lit inside me and I was ready to get to work.

The next morning I laid in bed contemplating on what YouTube workout to do. After some thought, I decided a nice eight minute one would do; just something to ease me back into things. I’m not one for having achy muscles, so I figured I’d do a short video on stretching before I jump right in. And I ended up doing a thirty-five minute yoga video. It. Was. Fantastic. I felt alive after I finished it, it wasn’t like the other yoga workouts I’d done before. I was afraid that the moves would be too rigorous because I hadn’t done yoga in a while, but everything was nice and easy. I stretched my back, my legs, my arms, and even worked my core pretty good. I did  planks without falling on my face. Planks, you guys! It was awesome. The video I did is apart of a thirty day series and I definitely intend on completing it. I’m going to link it below. So if you’re in a fitness funk, or maybe you’re already a workout warrior, just take fifteen minutes and try this video. I promise you’ll want to finish the whole thing. The instructor has a nice, calm demeanor and she makes it fun. You won’t even feel like you’re working out.



Stay beautiful ❤




  1. I really love this instructor on youtube. She is great. It is amazing to hear that you want to get fit. So do I. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately and have really come to appreciate the practice. It’s fun to have a “greek god” looking guy to cheer you on too!
    Bright Shiny Day

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