4 Must-have Pieces for the Perfect Winter Date

So you scored a date with the cutie you met at Starbucks (you go girl!) and, after your immediate feelings of jubilee, you suddenly enter a freak-out moment. What are you going to wear? Its thirty-seven degrees outside! Hey, just because its cold out doesn’t mean your clothes have to be boring or unflattering. You actually have more wardrobe options to wear during the colder months, and finding a great outfit to wear is simple when you have these four pieces:

sexy sweater

Boy’s club sweater $58, nastygal.com

1. A Sexy Sweater

When you think of sultry getups, a sweater isn’t exactly a piece that comes to mind. They’re just there to keep the cold winter winds from nipping at your neck and chest, right? Wrong! How in the world can a sweater be sexy? Easy, by having a plunging neckline or cropped hem, falling off the shoulders, or by wrapping snuggly around your waist. Go for one of these, and you’ll see just how much a sweater can sex up any outfit.

Faux leather ponte leggings, $98, anntaylor.com

Faux leather ponte leggings, $98, anntaylor.com

2. Sleek, High Quality Pants

Ladies, lay down your skinny jeans! Wearing the same style of anything can become pretty mundane, and dressing yourself should never encourage yawns. Switch it up for your next night out by opting for a waxed, faux leather, or velvet pant. A great pair of comfy leggings will also do the trick, but make sure they have some pizzaz. A pair with an elongating tuxedo stripe down the leg will make them seem ready for the real world as opposed to the nearest LA Fitness.

Leather dress, $227, asos.com

Leather dress, $227, asos.com

3. A Dress That Clings

When picking a date-night dress for the winter, the same rules apply for when picking one in the summer: the fit is everything. To look your absolutely best, wear one that flatters your figure. Not your sorority sister’s figure, not your best friend’s figure, but yours. It should hug you in all the right places. Feeling like a badass? Then go for one in leather, it’ll drive him wild.

Leather zip-pocket skirt, $200, gap.com

Leather zip-pocket skirt, $200, gap.com

4. A Skirt That Turns Heads

For the freezing winter nights, trying to pull off a mini takes a little more thought and planning. But a warm, sexy skirt is still totally do-able. Look for midcalf lengths that hug your curves, or choose a pencil skirt and wear it as a wrap. That extra bit of leg that peeks out will definitely stop the show. And if you’re a brave soul that insists on going short, keep in mind that its all about the material. Try one in leather (I like leather, ok?) or go for a quilted nylon in a nice shade or cool pattern.

There you have it ladies! I hope this opened up your mind to new possibilities and ideas for your next night out. Always remember that low temperatures don’t mean you have to look like the Abominable Snowman, he can’t dress for shit. Enjoy your night with your cutie, and don’t forget to zip up!

Stay beautiful lovies ❤


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