Enhancing Your Eye Color

We all know that hair color, skin tone, and makeup techniques play a big role in the overall intensity of our eye color. But today’s post will prove that the extra glimmer in your eye has everything to do with the colors you wear. Whether you have darling baby blues, sparkly greens, bright hazel, deep brown peepers, or gorgeous greys here are the basic color guidelines to follow to get your boldest and brightest eyes:

blue eyes

The colors that work best for you:

  • Classic neutrals
  • Any shade of pink
  • Deep blues
  • Lighter shades of green

If you’re out and about during the day, try a nice shade of: Taupe or Grey (rhyme much?)

blue eyes

Panting the town red tonight? Wear: Fuschia

blue eyes2

Green eyes

The colors that work best for you:

  • Purple
  • Deep shades of green
  • Coral
  • Pale shades of yellow

Out and about during the day? Try: Coral

green eyes

You have a birthday dinner at 8. You should totally wear: Mossy green.

green eyes2

Hazel Eyes

Your best colors:

  • Dark neutrals
  • Orange
  • Lavender
  • Burgundy

Looking to add an extra spring in your step? Try a dash of: Lavender

Rihanna purple outfit

Date night? Wow him while wearing: Charcoal.

hazel eyes2



Your best colors:

  • Cool neutral colors
  • Pinks
  • Charcoals
  • Purples
  • If you have lighter hair go for lighter neutrals like pale yellow
  • Darker haired gals go for richer shades like navy

Notice how Zooey’s eyes pop? Her dark hair and that rich green she’s wearing made that happen.

Reese’s blonde hair and the baby pink top come together and make her eyes the focal point of the image.

A word of advice for my divas with grey eyes: Avoid warm colors like the plague, they make you look washed out. I’m feeling especially empathetic towards you guys because almost no one on the web seems to have tips regarding your eye color. I had to search high and low for it. I was reading all these articles and I paused and thought, “What about grey eyes?”. There are tons of makeup tips out there, but not too many fashion tips for you guys. On behalf of bloggers everywhere, I apologize, being left out of the mix is totally unfair. You guys are awesome.

Well I hope this helped a little. Now you have the tools to get your boldest, brightest eye. It’s time for this girl to split (studying for finals). *cue vomiting*

Stay beautiful my loves ❤


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