30 Essential Buys For Fall ’14

If you’re like me, a hopeless Google surfing nazi, as each season approaches you feverishly scour the internet searching for what to buy. Which shoes? What skirt? Which accessories? And, again if you’re like myself, you just may be an egotistical list-making maniac (Don’t you dare judge my flaws!). This isn’t really a list of what you should get, but more a friendly guide in the right direction. Maybe it’ll reinforce the list you’ve already got going on, and hopefully give you some more ideas. You should definitely consider this the best homework assignment life has been so gracious to offer you. I mean, shopping for cute new clothes? Yes, please! So, without further adieu, here are 30 essential buys for your Fall wardrobe:

1. The Speckled Pullover

There’s a new spin on the traditional lumpy sweater that always seems to make its way into our closets every season. This particular type gives off a hand-made vibe that both high-street shops and high-end designers alike are featuring, which means they won’t be hard to find.

$98 www.freepeople.com

Free People Speckle Ribbed Pullover $98 http://www.freepeople.com

2. The Fall Parka

This is a great transitional piece because, when properly lined, it can easily become a winter parka. You can wear it with the sleeves rolled up in the beginning of fall, or with thick trousers and knits when the temperatures drop.

Long Parka Jacket $55 www.etsy.com

Long Parka Jacket $55 http://www.etsy.com

3. The Mod Boot

You probably can’t remember a time when a black ankle boot has not been in your fall rotation, right? Well, if you’re looking for an updated version of seasons past, go for ones that come with a little extra. Whether it be a contrast panel, a super high shine, or an out-of-the-ordinary color.

Modern Mirage Boot $20.99 www.modcloth.com

Modern Mirage Boot $20.99 http://www.modcloth.com

4. The Generously Sized Sweater

This has always been a favorite of mine. Make sure the sweaters in your fall wardrobe are oversized, heavy, but fitted through the shoulders. This will make it look like its yours and not something you borrowed from your dad.

Casual Wild Round Neck Cable Knit Pullover $26 wheretoget.it

Casual Wild Round Neck Cable Knit Pullover $26 http://wheretoget.it

5. The Smock Dress

Functionality is synonymous to the smock dress. Its billowy and baggy style will bring a summertime familiarity to your fall wardrobe. Pair it with tights and a great boot  for a look that keeps you both chic and warm. Ah, the best of both worlds.

Nancy Double Layer Bouquet Shift Dress $32.60 www.boohoo.com

Nancy Double Layer Bouquet Shift Dress $32.60 http://www.boohoo.com

6. The ’70s Leather Skirt

The ’80s rocker leather minis have had their fun. Now its time to ditch those puppies for a longer, warmer option for fall. These days leather skirts are getting a little longer, more boho, and coming in richer, matte materials.

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt In Leather $114.26 us.asos.com

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt In Leather $114.26 http://us.asos.com

7. The Simple Sneaker

Your go-to sneaker for the fall should be stripped from all extraneous bells and whistles. This means no wedges, contrast stitching, metallic panels, and unnecessary hardware. Think minimalist.

H&M Sneakers $14.95 www.hm.com

H&M Sneakers $14.95 http://www.hm.com

8. The Sexy Back Out Blouse

We are all sick and tired of the mullet skirt, its been done a hundred times over. But its high time to bring that same “business in the front, party in the back” philosophy to our blouses. This season designers are adding a surprise hint of skin to their blouses through sheer panels, deep slits, or well-placed cut-outs. Wear them with high-waisted trousers and skirts, but don’t tuck them in.

Sacadi Pleated Back Poplin & Chiffon Blouse $520 www.net-a-porter.com

Sacadi Pleated Back Poplin & Chiffon Blouse $520 http://www.net-a-porter.com

9. The Annie Hall Trouser Reloaded

If you don’t already have a pair of these, now would be a good time to go get some. The great thing about these is there are plenty of stores that carry these roomy, baggy trousers. Thrift shops always have a tone of these on hand. You can get them tailored to hit right above your ankle, or you can roll up the cuffs yourself. And you can pair them with just about anything

Front Row Shop Linen Trousers $62 www.frontrowshop.com

Front Row Shop Linen Trousers $62 http://www.frontrowshop.com

10. The Classic Belt

Adding a menswear belt to your low and mid-rise jeans is a fantastic way to modernize them. The thick leather and no-nonsense buckle makes a regular tee-and-denim ensemble look way more polished.

Classic Buckle Belt J. Crew $55 www.jcrew.com

Classic Buckle Belt J. Crew $55 http://www.jcrew.com

11. The Decorative Loafer

If your penny loafers had a mind of their own, they’d look like this season’s new batch. Complete with unconventionally appealing colors, whimsical add-ons, and bold design elements, these darlings will definitely add a dash of personality to your tootsies.

Tahari Timo Loafers $105 www.zappos.com

Tahari Timo Loafers $105 http://www.zappos.com

12. The Wicked Ticking Stripe

This isn’t your typical CEO’s button-up. This season, the classic blue-and-white pattern is being modeled in a myriad of silhouettes. Voluminous pinafore-style shirts, contorted tops, and strapless versions all achieve that button-up feeling without actually having buttons.

Isabel Marant Stripped Gathered Shirt $290.88 www.farfetch.com

Isabel Marant Stripped Gathered Shirt $290.88 http://www.farfetch.com

13. The Charming Faux Fur Accent

This season, don’t try to pretend that your fuzzy fur isn’t faux. Go for pieces in unnatural colors like mauve, pastel pink, and electric blue.

ASOS Faux Fur Multi Stripe Scarf $66.65 http://us.asos.com

ASOS Faux Fur Multi Stripe Scarf $66.65 http://us.asos.com



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