Brown Girl Approved: Nude Lipsticks

Although everyone loves a good bold red lip, opting for a smokey eye and a nudey every now and again is always a nice change of pace. But when you’re a buttery shade of pecan, looking at some of the “nude” colors donned by many mainstream outlets (ummm hellooo YouTube beauty gurus) aren’t always flattering. There are many ways to get the perfect nude lip. The easiest being to take a dab of concealer, that’s closest to your skin tone, to you lips and finish with a gloss. And viola! But I’ve found five lipsticks that are definitely brown girl approved.


If you’re complexion is close to the hot mama Rihanna’s, try MAC’s Half N’ Half, $15

If your complexion is close to the oh so sexy Nia Long’s, try MAC’s shade in Siss, $15



If your complexion is close to the very gorgeous Keke Palmer’s, try Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Hazelnut, $7.19



If you’re complexion is close to the lovely Estelle’s, try Maybeline Color Sensational in Bean There (380), $7.49


And if your shade of chocolate is deep and luscious like the stunning Camille Winbush’s, try Loncome Rouge Love Lipstick in Sultry Simplicity, $25

What to do when your lips are two different tones:

Blot them with concealer or foundation and apply your color. Easy peasy, right? I prefer to use concealer, after a long day it helps the color come off much easier when I’m getting ready for bed. Always remember to set your color with a good lip liner, it defines your lips and keeps the color from going everywhere. Hope this helped πŸ™‚

Stay beautiful ❀




      1. Exactly, that’s why I take recommendations with a grain of sugar (lol salt is s bleeeh). My beauty journey has been one part suggestion and three parts trial and error, but its been fun.

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