Month: February 2014

Brown Girl Approved: Nude Lipsticks

Although everyone loves a good bold red lip, opting for a smokey eye and a nudey every now and again is always a nice change of pace. But when you’re a buttery shade of pecan, looking at some of the “nude” colors donned by many mainstream outlets (ummm hellooo YouTube beauty gurus) aren’t always flattering. There are many ways to get the perfect nude lip. The easiest being to take a dab of concealer, that’s closest to your skin tone, to you lips and finish with a gloss. And viola! But I’ve found five lipsticks that are definitely brown girl approved.


If you’re complexion is close to the hot mama Rihanna’s, try MAC’s Half N’ Half, $15

If your complexion is close to the oh so sexy Nia Long’s, try MAC’s shade in Siss, $15



If your complexion is close to the very gorgeous Keke Palmer’s, try Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Hazelnut, $7.19



If you’re complexion is close to the lovely Estelle’s, try Maybeline Color Sensational in Bean There (380), $7.49


And if your shade of chocolate is deep and luscious like the stunning Camille Winbush’s, try Loncome Rouge Love Lipstick in Sultry Simplicity, $25

What to do when your lips are two different tones:

Blot them with concealer or foundation and apply your color. Easy peasy, right? I prefer to use concealer, after a long day it helps the color come off much easier when I’m getting ready for bed. Always remember to set your color with a good lip liner, it defines your lips and keeps the color from going everywhere. Hope this helped 🙂

Stay beautiful ❤




Bags That Gab

According to the Fashion Week runways, come this fall, your handbags clutches, and totes will be doing all the talking for you — literally. If you’re looking to make a statement without saying a word check out these beauties below.



Rearrange the order, add a a verb, and these 3.1 Phillip Lim bags could make a sentence. Guess that means I have to get all three.


Kate Spade New York graced the runway with a Shanghai and Tokyo travel-inspired collection, and now I have a sudden caving for Skittles. Hmmm…



Karen Walker honored the suffrage movement with a mod-meets-Victorian collection. SOMEBODY’S a Kanye fan.


The next time a guy invades your personal space, hold this in his face and sashay away.


The Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial

Everyone who knows me is aware that I’m a YouTube junkie. I used to work at a cosmetic counter in a department store, and that’s really where my interest in makeup came from. The store would pay for us to go to these conventions and it was really cool learning about skincare and techniques for applying war paint and such. I didn’t stay at the store long but I did continue my enthusiasm about all things beauty, and a friend told me I should teach myself using YT. So I did and its some of the best advice I’ve gotten thus far.

I’ve really learned how to make each look I do on myself my own, and its taken A LOT of practice. And I’m still learning different techniques. But one problem for me has been my brows. In high school I got them waxed and they just never grew back. I wasn’t too versed on how to properly fill them in, and it was awful. They didn’t look terrible, but they didn’t look as good as I know they could. I was in Brow Purgatory. One day, during an impromptu trip to Macy’s, I finally was set free. I went to the Mac counter, just to buy foundation, and the girl who was tending to me asked “What do you use on your brows?”. I was like “Eyeliner…?”. Welp she began to explain to me that the oil from the liner was giving them an unnatural appearance. Then she filled them in using Mac’s eyebrow stick in the color Spiked.

Honey! When I tell you I looked like a brand new gal! That was the best my girls have ever looked. And she sat and taught me how to achieve the look, I even practiced in front of her. Filling them in correctly, with the right product, gave me a lift and the appearance of a bigger, brighter eye. Being part Asian, I have really small eyes (they disappear when I laugh or smile lol), so this very great piece of information was definitely appreciated. This tutorial here by Nitraa B is one of my absolute faves. Its short and sweet, and extremely easy. If you have a love hate relationship with your brows do yourself a favor and watch this baby, it has everything you need to achieve that perfect brow.

Stay beautiful loves ❤