An Ode To Carrie


Newspaper columnist. Party girl. Fashionista. Carrie Bradshaw was the coolest and realest fictional character ever created, or at least that’s what my ten year old self would argue. I’d stay up late, with the tv as close to mute as it’d go, and watch her chassé across New York City in her tutu and Manolos. Although I was too young to grasp the concept of the show, I did know one thing. Carrie Bradshaw was the shit, and she had “it”. I wasn’t quite sure what “it” was but I wanted, well, it. To her viewers she was the BFF they wish they had, and each episode felt like girl’s night complete with Cosmopolitans. Carrie is hands down my most favorite and beloved television character ever. And her iconic style is what got me interested in fashion. Thanks 🙂

Look of the Day photo | 9. Carrie’s Parisian Stripes



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