7 Deadly Sins Of Fashion

So I’m surfing YouTube one day last week and I saw this video tag and took a look at it. They were all really cool and seemed like fun, so I’m taking a stab at it. Feel free to do it yourself and its also fun to do with friends. Enjoy 🙂


What do you own in excess or extravagance?

I have tons upon tons upon TONS of eyeshadow. I have so many different palettes and I switch between them everyday, but in my defense I’m an aspiring makeup artist so I do need them. Mattes, frosts, shimmers I’ve got them all.


What type of clothing do you have or desire to buy?

I always seem to gravitate to tops for some odd reason. When I go shopping I’ll have like 20 tops and 2 pairs of pants or jeans. I also have an obsession with polka dots and stripes. I really can’t even explain the fixation, I just love wearing them. Every other piece in my closet is either a stripe or polka dot. I have a problem.


When you’re getting ready but feel to lazy what is your go-to outfit?

Leggings and a tunic top and a cute beanie always seems to be my lazy-day go-to outfit. Its so comfortable and easy to put together. This look always works for me because usually on these days wearing actual pants is too big of a commitment for me. Judge me if you must, but this look is super versatile and that’s why I love it.


What makes you angry when you are shopping?

Omg when pants don’t fit me. Gahhh! That drives me insane. As the title of this blog suggests, I am wild and chic but also curvy. And as a curvy woman it’s always tough finding the right fit for pants. If it fits over my thighs and butt there’s a 98 percent chance it’ll be too big for my waist. Belt it, right? Wrong. Usually that doesn’t work, and if it does its only momentarily. Oh another thing I hate is when I find the right pair of jeans and they carry every size but mine. I mean what do you mean you don’t carry size 30 Michigan Avenue Forever 21?!?!


Which celebrity style do you most envy?

Solange Knowles. Knowles, Solange. Beyonce’s baby sister. Solange. I love everything about Solange’s style from her wigs, to how she color-blocks like a boss, to the way she mixes her prints. That woman is my style icon. I mean the confidence she exudes! Lawd Gawd! Everything about Solange is bold and beautiful from her makeup to her gorgeous afro. Ok I’ll stop being a groupie now, but I really do love her. If I could just look at her closet just once…. *le sigh*


Which store’s outside appearance do you find most physically attractive?

I think the best thing about working off Michigan Avenue is the vast array of storefront displays. Neiman Marcus, All Saints, Bloomingdale’s all the top high-end retailers are there. But the one that always stands out to me the most is Victoria’s Secret. The displays and overall condition of the storefront always draws me in. As a merchandiser I love looking at store displays because it challenges me to step my game up on my own. One thing I love about VS is how they use their products. When you see a PINK display you automatically think, “Fun. Slumber party. Girl’s night. I need to go into Victoria’s Secret and get blah, blah, blah”. That is marketing at it’s best folks.


Which outfit are you most proud of?

Any outfit I put together that allows me to be chic without compromising my comfort makes me proud. But I also design sets on Polyvore, and when I put something together and it really resonates with other people that makes me very proud. This is especially true when I kind of just throw something together and people on Facebook or Instagram are like, “OMG! That’s so cute”. That makes me feel good because I want to create looks that touch others in a special way.

So those are my 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion, what are yours?

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