Blogging is a process. There is no formula or equation that spews out the perfect blog, trust me. When I first started I had this vision of me with a super successful blog with tons of followers. It wouldn’t take too long, I mean its not that hard right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.

The bloggers I look up to (Aimee Song, Kelly Framel, Jane Aldridge) all make this….stuff look effortless but it is anything but, its a lot of hard work. I used to read their stuff and try to mirror it, I tried, I mean TRIED, so hard to be a fashion blogger. But it just wasn’t working out. One day I was nose deep in a book and I read something that changed my entire perception of blogging and everything else I was pursuing and life in general. People are so quick to ask successful people what exact steps they took to get them where they are in hopes of retaining the same results.  We are so quick to do this but slow to go out into the world and make our own way. Why? For fear of failure.

Like I said before, there is no formula, potion, or easy button for making this sh….stuff work. This whole time I’ve been trying to be a fashion blogger who writes a blog about fashion and how it changed my life, made me a more confident woman, and helped me love my body and all its imperfections. And I finally got the hang of it but something was missing. *light bulb goes off*  Instead of TRYING to be a blogger why don’t I just be one?  Why don’t I stop trying to be like everyone else around me and be me? And produce content that feels good to me. So that’s what I’m doing.

Fashion is a big part of my life, but there is more to me than that. I also love cooking and baking, sports,  good movies, tv shows, books, and ripped shirtless men. All of which will make it on here in such elegance and grace all you’ll be able to muster up is a feeble “Ahhhh!” and maybe a couple “Ooooh”s. We’ll just play it by ear. But this go-round I’m much more grounded and I’ve finally found my voice as a blogger (and stylist) and I’m excited about this breakthrough. So just know this isn’t a blog about fashion and I’m not some uber chic fashion guru that’s too cool for you to fathom. I’m a woman with a very put-together sense of style, and this is a blog about me where fashion makes appearances here and there. Okay, a lot but you get the point.


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